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¿Amas a un/a extranjer@? ¿Quieres declararle tu amor en inglés? Pues también en ese idioma tienes algunos piropos. Aquí están los mejores piropos en inglés.

If the moon were dark, the stars would not shine; if my love were a lie my eyes would show it.

If you were in the Titanic, your eyes would probably melt the Iceberg...

The shortest word I know is “I”, the sweetest word I know is love, and the person I never forget is “you”.

Collected in your lap, immobilized by your sweetie, do not wake up dreaming about your dream, imagining my life with you... I refuge in you.

Mild feelings of harmony leads me to you.

Your majestic movement of princess coral spell my senses.

The light of your beauty paralyzes my actions.

Feeling your lips in the midst of the solitude of your loneliness so blessed, love your eyes, your caress full of tenderness, your world motionless for love, tenderness of your generosity, your sweet waking ... love.

Posing my lips gently on your skin, your traveling sweetly heat, feeling a little bit wild force of your passion, love with our bodies.

Your hand on my hand, my gaze into your eyes, your kisses in my mouth, my soul in your tenderness ... My love for you.
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